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A boutique collective consulting service based in Jakarta 🇮🇩

Founded from Melbourne, Australia in 2015 as a business management consulting firm, we are continuously growing to develop collective services that work in close collaboration with clients to increase profits while improving business culture.

What is it like working with us? 

What is it like working with us? 

What is it like working with us? 

What is it like working with us? 

What is it like working with us? 

What is it like working with us? 

What is it like working with us? 

What is it like working with us? 

These are the values we believe in

Always Contribute

Our main question to wake up to every day is “how can we help?”.


Continuous Collaboration

We trust that continuous collaboration between you and our team is the key to great teamwork.


Confident to Lead & Humbled to be Led

We take leadership as a fundamental aspect to lead BIG Change and be led to make a big change.


Growth Mindset

We find creative ways to learn and grow from every situation.


Breakthrough Result

We collaborate by always doing contributions for a breakthrough result.


Fun Game

We keep our work fun to keep us on top of our game.


Our mission is to forge deeper #HumanConnection through #HeartWork to connect people with your brand or company values.

Managing Director

Christopher Tobing

Having a background in business and neurolinguistic, Chris has spent 10 years contributing and helping people build their brands and business. Chris has consulted, facilitated, trained, and coached C-level executives within large multinational corporations, leading regional companies and medium sized business operations in creating a sustainable change for the future.

With leadership coaching, he has supported many corporations with leadership and cultural workshops that could help them grow; and with training that is consumed entirely within the corporate world of big business enterprises, Christopher understands the need of having a change management program that delivers sustainable results and scalability on a global scale.

Commercial Director

Dian Maya Puspitasari

Following her background in business management, Dian has spent 15 years doing professional work for multiple brands and corporations.

With her determination, she started her career through the lens of the media industry, which later brought her to her next step in the agency. Not only does she have prominent experience handling marketing and branding for various corporations and brands, but she has also done exquisite entrepreneurship work.

These experiences have led her to many awards which she received throughout her career journey. She was awarded as the Big 5 Candidates of British Council Indonesia Young Creative Entrepreneur Award 2014; Nike Southeast Asia Maxim Award 2014; and Runhood Reader’s Choice Award 2018, 2019, and 2020 for Borobudur Marathon and Yayasan Lari Nusantara (NusantaRun).

Finance & General Affairs Manager

Adi Sopandi

Curiosity and hunger for knowledge are the main drivers of Adi’s journey. Starting from mastering the expertise of accounting by getting a diploma from a private university in Jakarta, to joining B-Listed continuing his quest to broaden his skills and knowledge in information technology & financing, contributing to grow and changing more businesses for the better good.

Aside from his main job in B-Listed, he also actively gave back to society and engaged in a nonprofit organization. Driven to impact the lives of many, Adi involves himself as a volunteer for NusantaRun Chapter 2 to 5.

Project Accelerator Manager

Angelica Laras

Laras believes in the idea of turning idealism into business opportunity where she could redefine the creative industry by engaging herself in creative-related businesses.

Over years of experience, Laras helped clients from various industries such as sports, entertainment, media, public figures, and food and beverages. She has been opening business opportunities for her clients by observing its customer behaviors and strategically accelerating the business.

Laras has serviced notable clients such as Amman Mineral, PPK Gelora Bung Karno, Harian Kompas, Borobudur Marathon, Sheryl Sheinafia, Tulus to name some.

Art Director

Ghiffari Tujuanto

Ghiffari’s experience in art design and his educational background in business have supported him in delivering ideas and messages uniquely. With the combination of both, Ghiffari has created various brand design guidelines, brand logos, social media designs, and other creative directions.

Confidently taking inspiration from his unconventional passion and taste in music, design, art, people, and culture, Ghiffari’s arsenal of ideas is always interesting and abundant. Manifestations of his ideas are embedded in various client’s brand identities such as Halal Park, XDana, Proteinc, Festival Kolaborasi Jakarta, Borobudur Marathon, Kompas100 CEO Forum, and more.

Digital Accelerator Manager

Stefanus Hosea

Throughout his career journey, Hosea has done numerous digital projects, ranging from website development, live streaming, visual designs, photography, and video production.

Started from initiatively volunteered to rebuild the official website for his high school, SMAK Kolese Santo Yusup Malang, to design the first official brand identity of Faculty of Art & Design at Universitas Multimedia Nusantara when he was completing his college education there, Hosea aspires through being a multidisciplinary designer and mindful developer.

With his digital strategy through building and managing Human Connection Studio, Hosea has contributed to delivering solutions for many notable clients, such as Atome, Beiersdorf, Borobudur Marathon, Kompas 100 CEO Forum, Lingkar Temu Kabupaten Lestari, Mitra Adi Perkasa, NusantaRun, Pepper Secret, Unilever, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and many more.

Production Executive

Agnes Johana

Agnes has a penchant for organizing everything in a spreadsheet. She likes to be organized so she knows where to look for everything. She uses her senses and interest as a tool to help execute client events. Curiosity and persistence drive her to learn, grow, and vasten her scope of work.

Agnes has helped handle a ranging of client projects, from sports clients such as HOKA, Brompton, New Balance, a start-up client such as Atome, to beauty clients namely Laneige and Raine Beauty, and more.

Creative Director

Aysya Fakhira

Aysya (Asa) expresses her thoughts and ideas through a creative approach. With her passion for art and background in Film Studies at Deakin University, Asa delivers visual, graphic design, photography, and video editing works as a medium for her to convey messages and create creative solutions.

She also provides creative direction for the Women’s 10K project where she leads the whole creative guideline, including for social media, logo, video, and the brand itself. Moreover, her works have been seen in numerous client projects, namely Beiersdorf, Combiphar, Unilever brands, and more.

Studio Producer

Jordan Loritz

Jordan graduated from Branding Major at Universitas Prasetiya Mulya where he learned about producing visual works through multiple projects such as Pop Up Market and Art Week. Striving for growth, he has widened his areas of expertise to photography, videography, drawing, and music composing.

Together with Human Connection Studio, Jordan has worked with many clients, such as Nivea for photography and videography works, Atome for videography works, Beiersdorf Indonesia as a producer and project officer, Combiphar for commercial videography project, Brompton Indonesia for photography works, and more.

Senior Project Officer

Adellya Subagyo

Adellya holds a master’s degree in fashion business from the University of Westminster in London and a keen interest in fashion and art. She also runs an independent fashion brand, Studio Mardis, which focuses in traditional-contemporary apparel to tell the wisdom of Java culture through pieces of daily outfit. She developed her passion for storytelling, she aim to presents and delivers client’s ideas in the form of an exquisitely interwoven story.

She is well-known for her work with firms in the fashion and beauty industries. She believes that learning is eternal and is always looking for new opportunities to learn from.

Graphic Designer

Nabila Hasriasti

Translating words into graphics and briefs into designs, Nabila has done numerous creative work in graphic designs. She creates stories through colors and strokes. Nabila’s interest in the beauty industry shapes her eye in aesthetics for her work.

She likes seeing and feeling her surroundings to spark her light bulb. From there, her imagination and creativity roam and are being implemented for various types of clients, such as Brompton Indonesia, Raine Beauty, Unilever Indonesia, and more.

Studio Producer

Slamet Pujiono

Being in love with visual arts, Slamet initially immersed in graphic design, serving as yearbook designer. He further enrolled in Visual Communication Design program. In order to expand his competence, Slamet also perfoms as photographer and videographer.

With his scope of expertise in Human Connection Studio, Slamet is accountable to shot series of event and create remarkable visual works for certain clients, such as Brightspot, Brompton, Combhipar, NIVEA and Unilever.

Public Relations Consultant

Debby Lufiasita

Obtaining bachelor’s degree from the Universitas Multimedia Nusantara in Journalism Major, Lufiasita oversees building relationships with media, creating public relations strategy, branding, and calculating public relations value analysis. As a Public Relations Consultant in B Publicist, Lufiasita will enhance client direction to shape and communicate the personality of their brand with high relevance towards the selected target market.

She has years of experience in Public Relations & Brand Communications and her portfolio involves multiple companies and media.

Graphic Designer

Felicia Kristella

From coloring in her kindergarten class to creating drawings on the walls of her parents’ bedroom, Tella has always been captivated by the world of art and drawing. Her fascination with various artistic mediums, from traditional to digital, has fueled her passion and led her to pursue a career in the creative industry as a graphic designer.

With a diverse range of projects from visual identity, illustration, to social media design, Tella is committed to crafting designs that hold meaning and resonate with both clients and their target audiences. With an unwavering commitment to growth, Tella actively explores new horizons and stays updated on the latest design trends through continuous learning and professional development.

Communication Strategist

Deva Adithi

Deva, usually called “Dea”, is an enthusiastic with a genuine eagerness to learn for the creative process. Her passion lies in crafting unique voices and compelling stories for the brands she works with. Through her dedication and commitment, Dea strives to bring authenticity and innovation to every project, turning her excitement for learning into impactful narratives that resonate with audiences. This passion has been applied across a diverse range of clients, spanning from corporations to various brands.

Administrative Officer

Rachmi Hartiningsih

13 Years in the agency life, Rachmi plays a big role in handling the media and media reports for multiple Press Conference events. Her friendliness build a great relationship between the agency and medias, creating a satisfied clients as the result.

Rachmi has taken part in multiple client projects, such as 2XU, HOKA, Brompton Indonesia, Green Rabels, Nivea, Walls, and many more.

Finance Officer

Thoriq Shofwan

Thoriq fixate his detailed eyes and fill in the gaps in many projects. Aside from his acquired Bachelor Degree in Management, his scrupulous attention to detail runs his work and in result have broaden his hook in the workforce.

From handling the lettering, help finding the missing instruments, to filling the administrative work, Thoriq grinds to drive his eagerness in learning and growing.

Our mission is to forge deeper #HumanConnection through #HeartWork to connect people with your brand or company values.