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Just like a

coin with two sides

We are aiming to create a balance between both sides

Culture Development


Brand & Marketing


Brand Development

Your Long Term Investment to bring your brand to the next level because your brand is your Intangible Asset.

How we do it:

Powerful Brand Story or Manifesto

We craft brand story to humanize the brand, resulting in relevance to your target market.

Strong Brand Identity

We translate the brand story/manifesto into strong brand identity visually.

Holistic Business Empowerment

We derive the brand identity to the 360 degrees business process to gain strong brand differentiation and competitiveness.

Marketing Strategy

Maximize your marketing effort effectively through Short Term Investment to achieve marketing metrics, from gaining awareness to sales conversion.

How we do it:

Brand Fit & Consumer Fit

We craft a marketing strategy that builds relevance for brand and consumer.

Seamless Marketing Communications 360°

We integrate marketing communication activities seamlessly: Advertising, Digital Marketing, Public Relations, and Marketing Activation.

Thorough Execution

Not only do we plan, but we also do and evaluate thoroughly.