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PR: Evolve Immediately

How we define media

With the transformation of digital technology, many industries are also transforming, including the media industry. The people who consume the media must have felt the difference as in the early years, everything was macro-scaled; the distribution of newspapers and the domination of the big media companies.

As it has been predicted before by communications expert, Seth Godin, the flow of the media is now transforming to a rather micro-scaled and community-based media. For the last few years, social media has been where people search for the latest news and updates. These kinds of media are run by the community and spread even wider to society. In Indonesia, people are familiar with USS Feeds, Volix Media, Folkative, as what we now know as homeless medias.

How we communicate

In times of pandemic, everything is changing, including how we communicate with the people. With all the online technologies emerging to the surface, we now have various platforms to communicate.

In executing our work, we try to be agile and provide people with new experiences every time. With our Human Connection Studio, we practice hybrid communications as we conduct virtual events, webinars, virtual press conferences, podcast production, and video works. Not only do we execute, but we also produce.

How we leverage

We believe in freedom of expression and how social media is a great platform to express our thoughts as creatively as possible. However, when we are too focused on the creative side, sometimes we might miss the key to the message we want to imply.

When we do digital public relations, we are keeping everything balanced—delivering the right key message with creative senses in it.